Using Government Housing Projects to Deal With the Problem of Homelessness

One strategy for dealing with the problem of homelessness is that of using government housing projects.

In designing such projects, the first step has to be that of establishing the numbers of people who need housing assistance. To this end, a census can be conducted. The government can also set up an email address where people looking for housing assistance can get it. That would be a scheme where, for instance, a homeless person can send email via Gmail (assuming he or she has access to a console) informing the agency in charge of the project that he or she needs housing assistance. In most cases though, the government has to go out of its way to reach the homeless people, as many of them tend to be so disempowered that they can’t proactively go looking for help.

The government then proceeds to build adequate housing units for such people.

The housing units in the government projects can be given out on purely rental terms.

Alternatively, the housing units in the government projects can be given out on tenant purchase terms.

There should be upward mobility: where people who started out in the government housing projects can find their way out, as their economic circumstances improve.

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